• "Digital technologies are core to energy strategy to strengthen energy position as a leading energy technology."
  • Oil and gas is one of the most exciting industries currently, since it involves massive volumes of data, and any easy solutions for optimizing production and business processes have long since been implemented. This combination, together with significant turnover and high level of technological development, creates good opportunities for securing a major effect from implementing solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.




Atos Codex is a portfolio of services and products designed to accelerate and industrialize the enterprise adoption of the data analytics and related activities central to all serious digital transformation strategies.

Atos Codex spans data analytics, AI, deep learning and machine learning, cognitive computing and the Internet-of-Things. Atos Codex AI Suite is a key component of Codex when it is about cognitive capabilities.

Atos Codex places a strong emphasis on use-cases as a means to develop best practice and accelerate adoption. In order to deliver the most advanced use cases on multiple environments, Atos leverages Atos Codex AI Suite and Google Cloud Platform.

ATOS CODEX, a complete set of service , Provideing data integration and pre preocessing

  • 'Modeling, Simulation and Forecast' : Integrate modeling of single processes into production routes by new and accurate models in combination with statistical approaches, modeling of materials , reactions, reactors , thermodynamics and dynamic phenomena.
  • 'Condition based Advanced Maintenance' : Allowing remote control of equipment, prediction and prevention of failures
  • 'Resource and Energy' : Enable monitoring of environmental targets, energy consumptions, industrial symbiosis
  • 'Digital Business Models' : Digital support to replace physical customer support, digital customer solution design
  • 'Cloud Technologies' : Using cloud based networks to communicate, on sensor, plant, site, remote -site levels, up and down the value chain

ATOS CODEX Primary Supports

ATOS CODEX Secondary Supports


The fast-track to artificial intelligence

Atos Codex AI Suite is an application toolset. It provides all the tools needed to scope, develop, roll-out and manage AI applications. Atos Codex AI Suite is particularly well-suited to AI applications with strong machine learning and deep learning components. Read more ...

ATOS Worldgrid Oil & Gas Solutions

Optimize your upstream operations maximizing profits and cutting TCO

To optimize everything from exploration to long-term production and beyond, corporate decision-makers need access to real-time data covering all systems and processes in a long and complex value chain. That means being able to see live data from every well and production site, showing all key indicators, integrated in a single view. Read more ...