About Prompt

Prompt Technical Services (PTS) is a dynamic company with a long history. We started in the early 1996 developing Industrial IT and automation system . The integration services essential for the continuity of supply state of art technologies and innovation of tele control solution through real time data management, asset optimization and intelligent situation awareness system.

Throughout the years we have added many other application to our portfolio and our company has developed into a multi-discipline organization. Our highly skilled Industrial IT engineering team has made service and quality its daily routine.

PTS develops, supplies state of the art technologies as following :

  • Automation & Tele Control System
  • Data Communication System
  • Process Simulation and Optimization
  • Command Center Situation Awareness
  • Besides software application developed via investment research and develop high skill resources in-house, PTS also have a alliance with proven track record expertise partner in EU and North America to ensure high quality expertise. Our technical department is fully trained international standard service 24/7 to systems.
  • As the business of our customers is time critical and often 24/7, we know how important service, accuracy and quality are. We believe safety and reliability come at a price that is never higher than the price of neglect.

PTS Mission

  • To be a profitable and growth-oriented tele-control, automation , process simulation system and command center situation awareness as an system integrator of high quality solutions to local and global market in Oil, Gas,Water and Energy Industry.
  • An integrated suite of leading edge, cost competitive solutions.
  • Strategic commitment to solution product development.
  • An open, team-oriented, results-based, professional work environment.
  • Real time intelligence for Engery and Utilities

  • Project Execution & Quality Assurance

Nature of Business

  • Professional Approach & Mesurable Results
  • Real Time Data Control Services ( SCADA) & (RTU) and (PLC)
  • Telecommunication Services (Fiber Optic over SDH), Satellite, Radio VHF/UHF
  • Marine Tracking and Positioning Services
  • Integrity and Risk Management Services
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Life Cycle Management
  • GIS, Data Processing and Charting Services
  • Energy Business Intelligence
  • Energy DataLink for Situational Awareness
  • Command Center / War Room

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